Crafts For Teens

As parents, we all want to find activities that our teens can enjoy. Crafting is a great way to keep them busy while also creating something special. There are so many different things they can do when it comes to crafting, from making bath salts to making homemade bath bombs, to painting and jewelry-making. We have some fun craft ideas for your teens to keep them occupied! 

fun craft ideas for teenagers

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teen craft ideas including making bath bombs, the dye masks, painting

Friendly Challenges for Teens

If you know a few other teens who might be interested in crafting, why not challenge them to a friendly crafting competition? Set up guidelines for the challenge such as what type of craft is allowed or what materials are needed. Then have them present their final product at the end of the competition. Not only will it be fun for all involved, but it can also open up new conversations about crafting options and possibilities. Plus, it’s a great way for teens to come together in an environment that encourages creativity.

craft ideas for teens for summertime journaling word search coloring pages make bath bombs

DIY Projects

DIY projects have become increasingly popular over the years — particularly with teenagers.  They offer an opportunity for teens to get creative with materials they already have around the house (or could easily buy) without having any prior knowledge or experience with crafting beforehand. Projects like jewelry making or creating custom clothing pieces require basic supplies such as beads, fabric scraps, scrapbooking paper, markers/pens/crayons or even recycled materials like old t-shirts which could be used for tie-dyeing. Not only does this give teens an outlet for creativity, but it also shows them how easy it is to create something unique out of everyday items found around the house — making them feel accomplished when they finish their project.

Virtual Crafting Classes

There are many virtual classes available online that offer instructions on how to craft certain items. These classes are often taught by professionals who can provide detailed instructions on how to complete projects properly. The classes may also include helpful tips and tricks as well as discussions about different approaches one might take while working on each project. A teen may even find themselves meeting people virtually who share their same interests. This could be another great opportunity for someone looking to expand their crafting skills while learning from experts in the field.

Crafting offers many benefits and opportunities for growth — especially when introducing these activities to teenagers. With these fun ideas listed above, you’ll be sure to find something that resonates with your teen(s), encouraging them to explore different crafts while developing new skills along the way. So don’t wait any longer—try some of these ideas today and introduce your teen(s) into the wonderful world of crafting.