How to Make a Lego® Christmas Tree Ornament

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Here is another fun building idea for your family at Christmas time – making a Lego® Christmas Tree Ornament. This is a very simple to make Christmas Tree ornament that could be made by almost any child, no matter what age. This would be the perfect gift for a family member or friend to receive as a gift that a child can make and would take print in making it themselves. So if you have kids that love to build with Legos® and make their own gifts, this is the perfect solution.

Lego Christmas Tree Ornament

Bricks needed to make a LEGO® Christmas Ornament

  • 1 gold 1×1 round brick
  • 8 1×1 plant plates
  • 1 2×2 round plate
  • 1 Lego® Christmas Tree
  • 1 black 1×1 plate with lamp holder
Lego Christmas tree ornament

Gather and organize your Lego® pieces needed to made the Christmas ornament. Connect the small round brown brick to the bottom of the 2 x2 round plate.

Lego Christmas tree ornament

Connect the black 1 x1 black plate to the gold lamp holder. Add it to the top of the LEGO® Christmas tree.

LEGO Christmas tree ornament

Begin adding the 1 x 1 plant plates to the round 2 x 2 plate so that you have two layers.

Lego Christmas tree ornament
Lego Christmas tree ornament

Connect the plant plates to the bottom of the LEGO® Christmas tree and add the brown round rick to the bottom of the tree to act as the base of the tree.

Lego Christmas tree ornament

Next, add the gold round brick and black plate to the top of the tree. The black plate will help hang the LEGO® Christmas tree ornament to you Christmas Tree.

Lego Christmas tree ornament

Where can you buy pre-made LEGO® Christmas Ornaments?

If you don’t ave time to make a DIY LEGO® Ornament or if you want to buy some more LEGO® ornaments, visit and they have several options to choose from. Also there are several really cute options such as this Snowman and Reindeer Duo Ornament, this Christmas Santa Ornament, or this LEGO Christmas tree. There are so many adorable options to choose from that your kids will love and enjoy through the Christmas season.

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