Spiderman Pumpkin Stencil Printable

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s that time of year when we get creative with pumpkin carving, Halloween costumes, and all things Fall! This Spiderman Pumpkin Stencil Printable is free to print and use to carve Spiderman on your pumpkin. We have included a Spiderman face template, a Spiderman mask template, and a Spiderman Venom log template to print for free.

A free Spiderman pumpkin carving template free printable can make carving pumpkins easier, more enjoyable, and more cost-effective, while also providing a unique and fun decoration for Halloween.

spiderman pumpkin carving templates free printables

If you’re a fan of superheroes and love the friendly neighborhood hero Spiderman, then you’re in the right place. This Spiderman Pumpkin Stencil Printable will help you create an awesome pumpkin carving pattern that will light up your front porch on Halloween night. So, get ready for a happy Halloween filled with great ideas and a chance to show off your favorite Avenger!

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What Supplies Do You Need to Use This Spiderman Pumpkin Stencil?

printable spider man mask to carve a pumpkin

How to Use a Printable Stencil to Carve a Pumpkin

Pumpkin carving instructions:

Step 1

Gather a sharp knife, a spoon, a pumpkin carving kit (or alternatively a small saw or drill), and some newspaper to cover your work surface.

Step 2

Carefully cut a hole in the top of the pumpkin for the lid.

spiderman venom logo pumpkin carving templates

Step 3
Make sure to angle your blade inward to create a ledge for the lid to sit on.

Step 4

Next, use a spoon to scoop out the seeds and pulp from the inside of the pumpkin.

Step 5

Be careful not to damage the walls of the pumpkin.

spiderman face pumpkin carving templates

Step 6
Print the Spiderman printable pumpkin template.

Step 7

Trim excess paper, leaving a 1/2-inch border around the pattern. 

Step 8

Make relief cuts in the template to ensure the pattern is smooth on the surface.

Step 9

Poke holes through the pattern using a push pin or pumpkin poker tool from a carving kit. Remove the paper once fully transferred.

Step 10

Now cut out the shapes using a carving kit knife or small saw. Try to cut out the white parts of Spider man, leaving only the web and eyes. Whichever works for your design.

Add a light and place the lid back on.

Simple Version of the Spiderman Venom Logo

spiderman venom logo pumpkin carving templates

Benefits of using a free Spiderman pumpkin carving template free printable:

1. Easier Carving: Using a template can make carving a pumpkin much easier, especially if you’re not an experienced carver. The template provides a clear outline to follow, making it easier to create a precise and detailed design.

2. Fun Activity: Carving pumpkins is a fun and creative activity, and using a Spiderman template can make it even more enjoyable for fans of the character.

3. Unique Decoration: A Spiderman pumpkin carving can make for a unique and eye-catching decoration for Halloween, especially if you’re a fan of the character or comic books.

4. Cost-effective: Using a free printable template can save you money on purchasing pre-made decorations or paying for a professional pumpkin carving service.

5. Family-friendly: Carving pumpkins is a great activity for families to do together, and using a Spiderman template can make it even more enjoyable for kids who are fans of the character.

Using a pumpkin stencil can make carving a pumpkin much easier and more precise, especially if you’re not an experienced carver. The stencil provides a clear outline to follow, making it easier to create a precise and detailed design. Using a pumpkin stencil is a simple and fun way to create a unique and eye-catching pumpkin carving for Halloween.

More Pumpkin Printables:

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More Pumpkin Carving Ideas

For all the Marvel fans and Disney fans out there, here are some pumpkin carving templates that will truly make your Halloween pumpkin face a standout masterpiece!

Marvel Pumpkin Stencil Collection

Along with Spiderman, consider carving other Marvel favorite characters like Iron Man, Thor, or Captain America. You can also try Black Widow Template.

Disney Villains Printable Stencils

Embrace the dark side of Disney by carving iconic Disney villains like Maleficent, Ursula, or Scar. Their menacing faces will add a touch of spookiness to your Halloween pumpkin display.

Disney Princesses Pumpkin Template

For Disney princess lovers, the little mermaid Ariel is a timeless favorite. You can also try the Snow White Pumpkin Template and Olaf & Kristoff Pumpkin Template.

Captain Hook Pumpkin Template: Captain Hook, the infamous pirate from “Peter Pan,” can be a fun and challenging pumpkin carving project. Don’t forget to add his signature hook hand!

You can also try the “Inside Out” templates inspired by the movie “Inside Out.” Carve your pumpkin patterns to portray Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, or Fear, and let your emotions shine through your Halloween decor.

  • Inside Out Joy Pumpkin Template
  • Inside Out Sadness Pumpkin Template
  • Inside Out Disgust Pumpkin Template
  • Inside Out Anger Pumpkin Template
  • Inside Out Fear Pumpkin Template

As pumpkin carving has evolved in recent years, the options have become more diverse, allowing us to create wild things and d pumpkins that showcase our imagination and artistic flair. Whether it’s superhero pumpkins or your favorite Disney character, the range of possibilities is endless. Taking advantage of free Disney pumpkin stencils can add an extra touch of magic to your Halloween celebrations.

pumpkin carving templates avengers marvel themed free printables

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Templates

Halloween doesn’t have to be expensive. Head to the Dollar Tree or other budget-friendly stores to find cheap pumpkin and pumpkin carving tools. You can still create the perfect Jack-o’-lantern without breaking the bank.

This Halloween, unleash your inner superhero fan with the Spiderman Pumpkin Stencil Printable. Carving your favorite Marvel character on a pumpkin is a great way to celebrate the Halloween season and showcase your love for superheroes. With free download printable templates, you have access to free stencils and endless pumpkin carving ideas, from Marvel characters to favorite Disney characters or even Star Wars pumpkin stencils. So, get your free pumpkin and pattern template ready, and happy carving!

free printable spiderman pumpkin carving templates

Spiderman Pumpkin Stencil Printable

Yield: 1
Active Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $1.00

This printable craft is a great way to spend time with your kids and add a fun touch to your holiday decor!


  • 1 Pumpkin
  • Free, downloadable Spiderman stencil
  • A pumpkin carving tool or sharp knife
  • Scotch tape
  • 1 Ballpoint pen
  • A small LED light or candle


  • Printer


    1. Cover your workspace, and get out a pumpkin carving tool and a spoon
    2. Carve out the top of your pumpkin (making sure it is carved inward) and scoop out the pumpkin guts with a large spoon
    3. Print your free Spiderman printable
    4. Trim off any excess paper, leaving you with half an inch border around the pattern
    5. Make sure to cut some relief cuts in the printable to make your craft as easy as possible
    6. Once you've taped your printable onto your pumpkin, poke holes along the pattern lines using a push pin, then remove the paper
    7. Carve out your design and place a small light inside

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