Apple Turtle Snack (Summer Snack for Kids)

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Get ready to set sail on a scrumptious adventure that combines healthy munchies with a splash of oceanic fun! Introducing the Apple Turtle Sea Snack – a delightful, nutritious, and irresistibly charming treat guaranteed to make snack time an absolute splash for your little ones. But hold on to your (sea)horses, because we’re not just stopping at apple turtles. Our journey will take us through an underwater world of mouth-watering treats and creative crafts inspired by our favorite marine pals. So, grab your aprons and put on your thinking (captain’s) hats, because it’s time to create some unforgettable, turtle-tastic memories for the whole family! And here are some more fun party and crafty foods kids will love.

apple turtle snack for kids ocean animal crafts

How do you make an apple look like a turtle?

It’s a playful way to serve up fruit and it’s easy to do. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to transform an apple into a cute little turtle that’s sure to impress everyone.

ingredients needed to make an apple turtle snack prefect for summer snack ideas beach snack ideas

Ingredients needed to make an apple turtle snack:

green apple

3 green grapes

goldfish crackers

2 edible candy eyes

Icing (any color)

ingredients needed to make an apple turtle snack prefect for summer snack ideas beach snack ideas

How to Make an Apple Turlte Snack:

  • Start by cutting the apple in half from stem to stem and remove any seeds.
  • Place the cut part of the apple down on your plate.
cut up the apple in half to make the body of a turtle
  • Place one full grape on one end for the head and cut the other 2 grapes in half lengthwise for its legs. 
cut up the grapes in half to make the turtles face
  • Put a dab of icing behind each eye and place them on the head grape. 
add the eyes to the grape to make it look like a turtle face

Cut a small triangle out of the remaining apple half for the tail.

Cut a small triangle out of the remaining apple half for the tail.

To complete, place fish crackers around the turtle and serve.

an apple cut in half that looks like an ocean sea turtle with goldfish

Tips for making this Apple Turtle Snack

Now, it’s time to elevate our Apple Turtle Snack to a stunning masterpiece worthy of a gallery. Or, you know, an Instagram-worthy post? So, grab that chef’s hat, and let’s get into a treasure trove of creative tips to make your apple turtle snack shell-tastic!

an apple cut in half that looks like an ocean sea turtle with goldfish
  • Seaworthy Snack Platter
    Arrange your apple turtles on a blue plate or tray, simulating an oceanic environment. Then, scatter some goldfish crackers or seaweed snacks around them, creating an underwater scene that’ll have your kids clamoring for a taste.
  • Surf’s Up, Greens!
    Nestle your apple turtles atop a bed of leafy greens, like baby spinach or kale, to mimic a vibrant sea kelp forest. Bonus points for adding a drizzle of kid-friendly dressing and turning snack time into a healthy salad adventure!
  • Message in a Bottle
    Write a motivational note, roll it up, and place it next to the apple turtles. It’ll add an air of mystery and excitement – plus, who doesn’t love a personalized touch?
  • Fruit-tastic Friends
    Don’t let your apple turtles get lonely! Create more marine critters using other fruits like banana dolphins, strawberry fish, or kiwi starfish. The more, the merrier – and the tastier your snack platter becomes!
  • Sandbar Delight
    Use crushed graham crackers or granola to create a sandy shore for your apple turtles to rest on, adding another layer of texture and flavor to your presentation.

Ocean Animal Crafts

Strap on your snorkels and grab your glue guns, because we’re about to dive into the enchanting world of Ocean Animal Crafts. These delightful DIY projects will not only keep your kids entertained but also educate them on the wonders of marine life – all while having a whale of a time!

  • Easy Origami Shark
    Do your kids love origami crafts? With some basic paper supplies and some imagination, you can make a happy shark that would be perfect for a craft at a summer birthday party.
sea turtle snack for kids easy to make snack for kids summer snack ideas
  • Make this fun fish slime that is the blue color of the ocean. your kids would love making this craft as you prepare for your summer trip to the beach.
  • This fun and creative printable will help your child learn about Ocean animals and the Ocean ecosystem.

We’ve navigated the treacherous waters of snack preparation and presentation and emerged victorious with our delightful Apple Turtle Sea Snack. As we drop anchor on this voyage, remember that the true treasure lies in the memories you’ve created and shared with your family. After all, even the most perfect apple turtle would be just a shell of itself without the laughter, love, and learning that accompanies each bite.

So, as the summer sun sets on our appetizing adventure, don’t forget to keep exploring, creating, and delighting in the world of imaginative snacking. Who knows what other delectable creatures await discovery in the depths of your kitchen? Until our next scrumptious expedition, happy crafting, and bon appétit, sea snackers!