Disguise A Turkey Printable (Free Template)

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The Disguise a Turkey printable game is a fun Thanksgiving activity for children. The idea is to create a disguise for a Turkey so that the Turkey can avoid being eaten for Thanksgiving dinner.

We have a free printable Disguise a Turkey game that includes the instructions on how to play the game and two different Printable Turkey Templates are provided. Thanksgiving printables are fun to use in school events, activities at home, and for the entire family!

disguise a turkey printable project

In the midst of the whole turkey talk and Thanksgiving preparations, there’s a fun and creative family project that’s taking households and even classrooms by storm – the Disguise A Turkey printable. Children are encouraged to use their creativity to come up with unique and clever disguises for their turkeys. They can use materials such as construction paper, markers, glitter, feathers, and other craft supplies to create their turkey disguises.

The goal is to make the turkey look like something else entirely, such as a superhero, a robot, or even a piece of fruit. The game is a fun way to get children excited about Thanksgiving while also encouraging them to use their imaginations and creativity.

tom the turkey needs your help build a turkey disguise a turkey

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What supplies do you need for this disguise a Turkey project?

Disguise A Turkey Printable Templates (Download at the bottom of this post)

Printer (I use this one)



Craft Items such as cotton balls, cotton swabs, colored pencils, markers, tissue paper, pom poms, and other materials you want to use for your turkey’s disguise.

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tom the turkey needs your help build a turkey disguise a turkey

How do you use this Free Turkey printable?

The idea behind the game is to decorate or disguise a picture of a turkey to help it avoid being eaten for Thanksgiving dinner. This turkey activity can be played individually or as a group activity, and there are no specific rules or guidelines for how to decorate the turkey. Kids can use their imagination to come up with different disguises such as a superhero, a pirate, a clown, or even a bowling ball turkey.

free disguise a turkey printable activity


1. Distribute pictures of turkeys to each child. These turkeys are in need of some creative help to escape becoming the main course of a Thanksgiving feast! we have provided two printable template options – one colored turkey and one black and white Turkey.

2. Explain to the kids that the turkey needs their help to avoid being eaten for Thanksgiving dinner. The goal of the game is to decorate or disguise the turkey.

3. Provide the kids with a variety of craft supplies. Encourage them to use their imagination and be creative.

4. Set a time limit for the activity, such as 30 minutes, to keep the game moving and prevent kids from spending too much time on one turkey.

5. Once the turkeys are decorated, display them on a bulletin board or in a classroom for everyone to see. You can also turn the game into a contest and have the kids vote for the best-disguised turkey.

6. Remind the kids to have fun and be creative.

Turkey Disguise Project Free Printable

turkey disguise project free printable

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What are some Easy Turkey Disguise Project Ideas?

Darth Vader Turkey

Transform Mr. Turkey into a galactic sensation. With an easy way to cut out a cape from black paper and add googly eyes and a mask, your turkey will be ready to rule the Thanksgiving galaxy.

Minion Turkey Disguise

With a cute idea to craft some minion goggles and overalls, your turkey will be a fun creative part of the festivities.

disguise a turkey free printable

Jackson Pollock Turkey Disguise

Splatter some own watercolor paint on a blank paper to create an abstract masterpiece that will be the talk of the Thanksgiving art gallery.

Police Officer Turkey

Let your turkey play the role of a brave police officer, complete with a badge and uniform crafted from construction paper. This creative project not only offers Thanksgiving fun but also an opportunity to explore different templates for your turkey’s costume.

Princess Leia Turkey

Use white paper for her iconic hairstyle, and your turkey Princess Leia will be ready to save the day.

Captain America Turkey

A shield and a mask crafted from colored paper will make your awesome turkey stand out.

Gumball Machine Turkey

Adorn the top of the turkey with a gumball machine cap, making this fun project a sweet hit.

Wonder Woman Turkey

Craft a tiara and a lasso of truth, and your turkey wonder woman will be the embodiment of strength and creativity.

Construction Worker Turkey

With a yellow construction paper hat and a tool belt, your turkey will be ready to build some Thanksgiving excitement.

Turkey Princess Poppy

Add colorful paper flowers and a sparkly crown to give your turkey a touch of royal flair.

The game “Disguise a Turkey” is a fun activity for kids. In this game, kids are given a turkey coloring printable sheet and are asked to disguise the turkey in a creative way, such as by dressing it up as a superhero, a pirate, or a clown.

This game can encourage creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills as kids think of ways to hide the turkey from being caught for Thanksgiving dinner. It can also be a fun way to celebrate the holiday season and engage kids in a festive activity. Overall, “Disguise a Turkey” is a popular and enjoyable game for many kids.

disguise a turkey printable free pdf disguise a turkey game

Disguise a Turkey Free Printable

The Disguise A Turkey Printable is an imaginative and fun activity for kids. The joy of transforming a simple free turkey template into a fun masterpiece is unparalleled. Amidst the turkey trouble and the giggles, this craft is a wonderful opportunity for kids to explore their creative side while enjoying the holiday season.

So, gather your little crafters, and watch as they turn the ordinary turkey into an extraordinary work of art. This Thanksgiving, let the disguise ideas flow, the craft supplies scatter and the turkey fun take center stage. It’s all about embracing the holiday spirit and creating memories that will last for years to come. Happy disguising!

free printable disguise a turkey game
Yield: 1 Printable Turkey

Disguise a Turkey Printable

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Additional Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $1.00

"Disguise Tom the Turkey" is a Thanksgiving game that involves creating a disguise for a paper turkey named Tom, to help him avoid being caught and eaten for Thanksgiving dinner.
To play the game, each player is given a paper turkey named Tom and a selection of craft materials, such as construction paper, markers, glue, and feathers. The goal is to create a disguise for Tom that will help him blend in and avoid being caught and eaten at Thanksgiving.
Players can get creative with their disguises, using materials to make Tom look like a superhero, a pirate, a clown, or anything else they can imagine. Once all the turkeys are disguised, they are displayed for everyone to see. A fun way to end the game of Disguise Tom the Turkey is for players to vote on the best disguise, and the winner is declared the "Top Turkey." The game is a fun way to encourage creativity and celebrate Thanksgiving in a lighthearted way


  • Printable Turkey Template
  • Glue Scissors
  • Craft items or embellishments to hide the Turkey



  1. Print out the free printable Turkey PDF and instructions for how to Disguise a Turkey. We have included 2 printable PDF Turkeys - one in color and one in black and white.
  2. Review the rules of the game with your student/child. The goal of the printable game is to decorate or disguise Tom the turkey so he is not eaten at Thanksgiving.
  3. In addition to the Turkey printable template, you will also need supplies such as scissors, glue, and any other decorative embellishments you may want to use to disguise Tom the Turkey.
  4. Allow the turkeys to dry. Then display the turkeys in your home or classroom.