8 Thanksgiving Handprint Poem Printable Templates

Celebrate Thanksgiving with your little ones in a special and meaningful way with our Thanksgiving Handprint Poem Printable Templates! These charming printables offer a creative and personalized way to commemorate the Thanksgiving season with your family.

With customizable special handprint designs and heartfelt poems, our Thanksgiving Handprint Poem Printables are the perfect way to capture the essence of gratitude and togetherness that make this holiday so special. Get ready to create cherished memories and keepsakes with our delightful Thanksgiving Handprint Poem Printable Templates. Thanksgiving activities are a blast and make the holidays with family even more special!

Thanksgiving Handprint Poem

These handprint Turkeys are a delightful and meaningful activity that combines the creativity of crafting with the warmth of poetry, perfect for celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday. This engaging project allows children to express their gratitude and appreciation by creating a turkey handprint craft, which visually represents their unique touch.

This little turkey is thankful for you handprint poem for preschool crafts

Alongside this, they can compose a heartfelt poem or choose a pre-existing one that resonates with the spirit of Thanksgiving.  We have a printable template for Turkey handprint poems that you can download for free.  These printable pages are a fun keepsake for young, older, and school-age children.

Oh give thanks to the lord, for He is good handprint poem for thankfulness

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Handprint and Footprint Art Bundle – 72 pages

This fun and educational craft sparks children’s imaginations and helps them develop their fine motor skills and literacy abilities. Parents and educators can use this activity to teach kids about the history and significance of Thanksgiving while fostering an atmosphere of togetherness and gratitude.

The end result is a cherished keepsake that captures the essence of the holiday and the child’s creativity, making it a memorable treasure for years to come.

MY first thanksgiving handprint art handprint poem for toddlers, preschool, school age

How to Make a Turkey Handprint?

Making a turkey handprint is a super cute activity that kids of all ages can enjoy while creating a great keepsake. To create a turkey handprint, follow these easy steps and use these recommended craft supplies:

Happy thanksgiving handprint art turkey handprints

Gather materials
You’ll need a printer, washable paint in various colors, paintbrushes, paper, and wipes for easy clean-up.

Paint the palm
Apply brown paint to the palm of your child’s hand, which will form the turkey’s body.

Color the fingers

Paint each finger a different color, representing the turkey’s vibrant feathers.

Press the hand onto the paper.
Guide your child to press their painted hand onto a piece of paper firmly. Make sure each finger makes contact with the surface.

Carefully lift the hand.
Slowly and carefully lift your child’s hand to reveal the turkey handprint.

Allow it to dry
Set the paper aside for the paint to dry completely

Add details
Once the paint is dry, use more paint to add eyes, a beak, a wattle, and legs.

November handprint art November handprint poems

What supplies are needed to make handprint art?

You’ll need a few basic supplies to create memorable Thanksgiving handprint art to ensure a fun and successful crafting experience. Here’s a list of essential items:

  • Tempera paint or Washable Paint
    Choose non-toxic, washable paints in various colors, such as brown for the turkey’s body and additional hues for the feathers, leaves, or other festive elements. This cute turkey handprint will be a wonderful keepsake because it will capture your child’s handprints in paint!
  • Template of Choice
  • We have eight different Thanksgiving handprint poems to download and print. These free printables make the perfect Thanksgiving crafts for your little ones. Craft projects can offer creativity and entertainment over the school holiday break. Plus, they make a great craft that is the perfect gift for a grandparent or parent.
  • Paper
    Opt for a piece of white paper or card stock, which can better handle the weight of the paint and reduce the risk of tearing.  The white cardstock is durable and works well for this project.  Brown construction paper would also work since it is thicker than normal printer paper.
  • Paintbrushes
    Have a selection of paintbrushes in different sizes for easy paint application onto your child’s hand and for adding details to the finished handprint art.
  • Palette or disposable plate
    Use a palette or disposable plate to hold the paints. It will be easier to mix colors and apply them to the hand.
  • Wipes or paper towels
    Keep wipes or paper towels on hand to quickly clean up any spills or smudges. It can also be used to clean your child’s hand after creating the handprint.
  • Markers or pens
    Once the paint is dry, you can use a black marker or pen to add details like eyes, beaks, and personalized messages to the handprint art.
  • Protective cover
    Lay down a protective cover or newspaper on your working surface to keep the area clean and facilitate clean-up.
November handprint art November handprint poems

Alternative Thanksgiving Handprint Poem Ideas

Spice up your Thanksgiving handprint poem by experimenting with various themes, such as gratitude, family, history, or even the autumn season. You can also explore different poetic styles, like haiku, acrostic, or free verse, to add an extra layer of artistic flair to your creation. This particular craft would be perfect as a preschool crafts project.

Instead of the traditional turkey, you could create a colorful peacock or a festive fall tree using handprints such as feathers or leaves. Adding accessories, like pilgrim hats, Native American headdresses, or even googly eyes, can further enhance the visual appeal and personal touch.

Encourage everyone to participate in this activity by providing inclusive options. You can create a large family tree with handprints from all generations. You can also have family members contribute lines to a collaborative poem. For those with mobility or dexterity limitations, consider using footprints or fingerprints as alternative artistic expressions.

Turkey handprint poem printable template free printable pdf

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What better way to get ready to celebrate the holiday season than with this Thanksgiving Handprint Poem Printable? This fosters creativity and self-expression and teaches valuable lessons about gratitude and togetherness.

As you go on this artistic journey, you’ll create cherished keepsakes that can be shared with loved ones and displayed year after year. So gather your materials, invite your family and friends, and let this fun activity bring warmth, joy, and lots of love to your holiday celebrations. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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